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Categories: still life photo
Maximum number pieces of puzzle: 360

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Venice abstraction animals animation anime architecture birds car castle celebrity cinema city collage draw engineering fantasy fishes flowers food for kids holiday insect interior landscape macro map mountains nature night painting people photo sport still life sunny surrealism underwater vacation water

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SheShe:: No worries, problem solved.

SheShe:: My puzzle has disappeared with with only two pieces to finish which are still on the screen, has anybody else had this problem.

Дана я:: I do not understand; what do not you like

Дана я:: Leonid Afremov

Scorpshia:: Thank you BigPuzzle, I enjoyed going through the many pages of puzzles, while you were upgrading and putting new puzzles, today. Over the last few weeks I found so many new puzzles as I searched through the 481 pages. I am a disabled senior and my time spent on your website is a pleasant way to spent my alone time. Thank you again:))

cats:: thanks at last you fixed it - i am sure all the puzzlers will be happy!!!

BigPuzzler:: OMG! i'm so sorry! I fix it!

Songbird:: I so want to do this puzzle but it's not there.

jan:: why can't I load the new puzzles.

cats:: 9 new puzzles that dont download - doesnt "BIGPUZZLES" check their website and these comments?

blackey:: How can someone do a puzzle that you cannot get there are so many on here that will not let you please fix them would love to do them

Scorpshia:: I have also been on for over 2 yrs, and this is the first time that I've seen this problem. I play several times a day, so now I go through each page and do all of the puzzles I missed. I enjoy doing this for now, but hope to see new puzzles soon.

Taceht:: I too have been having severe difficulties in accessing any new puzzles being added to the site. Even on this page of a puzzle of a multi-colored house I cannot access... I am on this site everyday, but in the last couple of weeks or so, none of the new puzzles are playable.

cats:: old online puzzles download okay but the new ones dont???

cats:: i have been on this site for the past 2 year but lately no new puzzles down load daily. having problems downloading new puzzles any way i do it. no 7296 and 7298 do nott download why?

nigelxe:: модератору---программы глючат

Songbird:: Thank you so much Brigettel I found them thank you, thank you ...Have a great day and be safe.

Bena:: brigettel, Songbird. To view completed puzzles click on your nickname at the top of a screen. Under "your beginning puzzles" you can see your saved unfinished puzzle(s). To access and continue click on the picture twice. There's an option to delete it if for any reason you don't want to finish it.To change name, password or avatar click on settings.

Songbird:: Hi I'm new on this puzzle site and have done a few but upon finishing them I can't ...their is no place that says finished or saved puzzles, I have clicked on the logo and I'm just going in circles. Confused! Songbird

blackey:: It is the one food collage one