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To work puzzles on line, you have to install Flash Player.

You can download and install it free on the Adobe website.

The object of the game

- Assemble a picture from separate pieces of the puzzle.


The game is controlled using the mouse and the space bar. To start dragging a puzzle piece, click on it with the mouse. You can rotate the detached puzzle piece by pressing the space bar. The working area can be moved by holding down the left mouse button. You can also zoom. Using the mouse wheel you can scroll through the "pocket", zoom the working area and the picture help.

What to do

At game start, all pieces are at the top of the playing space, separated from the working area. Such a space, usually intended for temporary storage of puzzle pieces, is called a "pocket". Scroll horizontally to find the pieces you need in the "pocket". You can drag the pieces out of the "pocket" to the working area and back. To drag a piece, click on it with the mouse, move it to the place you want and click again. When the piece is detached, you can rotate it by pressing the space bar. To assemble the puzzle, you need to place pieces that you think go together right next to each other and rotate them correctly. If the pieces really do go together, they will join automatically and will move as a unit from then on.


For every assembled picture, the player earns points that are added to his/her rating. The more pieces in the puzzle, the more points scored.


The gaming situation is automatically saved, so you can continue assembling the puzzle you started any time you want. If you are registered on the website, you can save an unlimited number of puzzles you have started. They will all be accessible to continue from any computer connected to the Internet. Saving occurs after every 10th successful move, i.e. every move resulting in one or more pieces "sticking together". The game has an option for saving started puzzles yourself. To do this, you have to press the "Save" button located on the top panel. You may not use the "Save" button more than once every 5 minutes. Each time a puzzle is saved, an informational window appears confirming the save or reporting an error. If you are not registered, you can only save the one puzzle you are currently working. In addition, this puzzle is saved on the user's computer, not on the server. So, for example, you cannot continue working on a puzzle at home that you started at work.

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Sweetie:: Funny!

Bostonbabe53:: The scores? Bragging rights...or just how boring IS your life? HAHAHA

Sweetie:: Babe, scores are accumulated with each completed puzzles, what are they for?

Sweetie:: Thanks Babe! Have a wonderful day!

Bostonbabe53:: Hello Sweetie - click in the LARGE "" logo in the top/left corner after you log on. Your unfinished puzzle(s) will show on that page. As many as six will show, and if you have more than 6 saved, they are hidden - NOT LOST! If you need more help, your questions are shown on this home page, and anyone can answer you by clicking on your post. Clicking on your post brought me to the "OWLS" puzzle where you wrote your comment, and I am answering from. Hope you find this answer.

Sweetie:: Can someone tell me how to get back to a puzzle that you are currently working on after you've logged off?

Sweetie:: hmmm 90 pieces what does that mean? I just started folks. Or was it points?

Sweetie:: hmmm 90 pieces what does that mean? I just started folks.

BigPuzzler:: so nice )

jbu:: not easy but fun!!!

jbu:: Love eagles so once I started I just couldn't stop and save it for later!!! Great puzzle to do!!!

jbu:: This was more difficult for me than I thought it was going to be but it was worth sticking with and finishing it!!! It isn't very often that I don't complete a puzzle, (I might have to one down for a while and take a break but it is always satisfying when I have finally finished it!!!

Bostonbabe53:: Click on the big LOGO in the top/left corner. Click on ANYTHING that turns the cursor into a pointing finger...

baya:: My comment is not about this puzzle in particular ... actually it is a question....I have a hard time moving around this website. How can I go directly to my saved puzzles?

Morri:: Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year to all xxxxxxxx

BigPuzzler:: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bostonbabe53:: Lots of fun doing the insides before the edges!

Patriotgal:: The Southern Belle painting is difficult.

duck psycho:: I have a puzzle like this one, but with 100 pieces.

Jean:: The last two puzzles I didn't get any scores. Please check your program!