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To work puzzles on line, you have to install Flash Player.

You can download and install it free on the Adobe website.

The object of the game

- Assemble a picture from separate pieces of the puzzle.


The game is controlled using the mouse and the space bar. To start dragging a puzzle piece, click on it with the mouse. You can rotate the detached puzzle piece by pressing the space bar. The working area can be moved by holding down the left mouse button. You can also zoom. Using the mouse wheel you can scroll through the "pocket", zoom the working area and the picture help.

What to do

At game start, all pieces are at the top of the playing space, separated from the working area. Such a space, usually intended for temporary storage of puzzle pieces, is called a "pocket". Scroll horizontally to find the pieces you need in the "pocket". You can drag the pieces out of the "pocket" to the working area and back. To drag a piece, click on it with the mouse, move it to the place you want and click again. When the piece is detached, you can rotate it by pressing the space bar. To assemble the puzzle, you need to place pieces that you think go together right next to each other and rotate them correctly. If the pieces really do go together, they will join automatically and will move as a unit from then on.


For every assembled picture, the player earns points that are added to his/her rating. The more pieces in the puzzle, the more points scored.


The gaming situation is automatically saved, so you can continue assembling the puzzle you started any time you want. If you are registered on the website, you can save an unlimited number of puzzles you have started. They will all be accessible to continue from any computer connected to the Internet. Saving occurs after every 10th successful move, i.e. every move resulting in one or more pieces "sticking together". The game has an option for saving started puzzles yourself. To do this, you have to press the "Save" button located on the top panel. You may not use the "Save" button more than once every 5 minutes. Each time a puzzle is saved, an informational window appears confirming the save or reporting an error. If you are not registered, you can only save the one puzzle you are currently working. In addition, this puzzle is saved on the user's computer, not on the server. So, for example, you cannot continue working on a puzzle at home that you started at work.

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ValideFernanda:: Please add a description to puzzles so we can know what we are playing. For example "Dolmabace palace", "Eiffel Tower" etc

theresapollastri:: Good Morning, I am a little bit distressed this morning to find out I have made over 800 pieces and only about 740 pieces were saved. It is very frustrating because the time is running and I must redo the pieces that were not saved. Please can you fix the saving button, I think it is faulty. Thank You


jack:: that should have read "who are my scores not showing" They are now so no worries.

titoncio:: because you finished 150 pieces, not 513

Doone:: I wish we could get puzzles like this with more pieces to them. I'm not complaining..I love this site and play every day, but some of the puzzles I really like are done too soon.

duffmcmoo:: Should I thank you for becoming addicted.I have to set alarms on my iphone to tear myself away. Love these puzzles ALOT. Thanx

jack:: why are my scores showing under the list of best scores for this puzzle please

Annie:: I have the same problem. I just choose the lowest number of pieces and then click on and it takes me to the selection of puzzles. Annoying.

Cupcait87:: This Lion looks like Jeff Bridges.

Dougall47:: Hi, this isn't a comment on this particular puzzle, more of a question as to why is it when I first open up Big puzzle it always opens on the same puzzle which I completed on the 25/02/2016. Cheers. Dougall47.

greyglitter:: I can not find my puzzle. Two thirds done. Frustrating.

akiskarath:: Jesus Manyunya you are incredibly fast,how did you do it!?

cats:: I cannot download the puzzle even thoughI have the latest abode flash drive? can anyone help? Every time i click to download puzzle abode comes up on blank page?

johno:: I lost my puzzle

SheShe:: No worries, problem solved.

SheShe:: My puzzle has disappeared with with only two pieces to finish which are still on the screen, has anybody else had this problem.

Дана я:: I do not understand; what do not you like

Дана я:: Leonid Afremov

Scorpshia:: Thank you BigPuzzle, I enjoyed going through the many pages of puzzles, while you were upgrading and putting new puzzles, today. Over the last few weeks I found so many new puzzles as I searched through the 481 pages. I am a disabled senior and my time spent on your website is a pleasant way to spent my alone time. Thank you again:))