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Categories: photo sunny car city
Maximum number pieces of puzzle: 925
Puzzle has been completed 12 times

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Venice abstraction animals animation anime architecture birds car castle cat celebrity cinema city collage decor dog draw engineering fantastic fantasy fishes flowers food for kids holiday insect interior landscape macro map mountains nature night painting people photo portrait ship sport still life sunny surrealism temple underwater vacation village water

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Energem:: no pieces. i can't see any pieces. not in firefox, not in chrome. i am frustrated.

Bena:: @Energem;you're right, Adobe gave us 3years notice.Tell us in a chat what problems you're having, maybe some of us be able to help. For me works not bad, and improves every day, i'm using google chrome

Energem:: Und anscheinend kennt hier auch niemand ganz normale Buchstaben. -.-

Energem:: Ich sag euch jetzt mal was, und zwar in einer Sprache in der ich mich besser ausdrücken kann: Es war bekannt. Es war bekannt das Flash Player sich abschaltet. Es gab Meldungen, Nachrichten, etc. Und trotzdem scheint für BigPuzzle die Nummer so plötzlich zu kommen wie der Winter für die Deutsche Bahn. Wieso haben sie sich nicht schon vor Monaten darum gekümmert? Vorgesorgt? Worauf haben die gewartet? Das Flash Player doch nicht abgeschaltet wird? Es macht mich wahnsinnig. Hier sind so schöne Puzzles und egal was ich mache, von Cookies, Cache, abmelden, anmelden, ich bekomme keine Teile gezeigt. Ich kann nix. Selbst ein anderer Browser hat nichts gebracht. Wenn das hier nicht bald gefixt wird... es ist wirklich schade, denn ich mag die Seite sehr und vor allem ist es ein schöner Zeitvertreib. Gnah. ich bin so wütend und enttäuscht. Da hätte man sich schon im August oder so, etwas überlegen

gandalfrp:: Very slow in loading, but otherwise seems to work. Let's give them some time to fix it. Piece rotates only if you keep the mouse on it (left button). The piece counter is missing, thought would be one of the easiest feature to implement

ChellyBird:: it seems to be getting better each day, just keep going it works better with a mouse than without

Bariboy:: @treehugger It may chance of course with different browsers. I made the bookmark in Google Chrome. Thats to every individual to choose a favorite browser. I think were stuck with HTML5, its one of the replacements for Flashplayer.

treehugger:: Thanks to Bariboy, we now know how to save a puzzle. I have noticed that when you exit out of the site (log out), you need to go to big puzzle and log in. Then click on the bookmark of your saved puzzle. It did not work for me if you just directly open the bookmark. If you cannot get the html5 to work, try installing the Microsoft Edge browser. Windows version 10 will also help. Good luck!!

Bariboy:: Bariboy 16/01/2021 - 00:33 @ Cats (not for Bena...) You have to been patient, for the large puzzle (>500 pieces) i'm doing now, it took about 70 seconds to load on my computer.

Bariboy:: @ Bena You have to been patient, for the large puzzle (>500 pieces) i'm doing now, it took about 70 seconds to load on my computer.

AngelMorphia:: This site works for me but it's so PAINFUL now. Flash is gone now for all browsers, so there's nothing they can do about that. This new version is awful - pieces won't rotate or they rotate when you don't want them too, the pieces on the side bar are awful, and you can't adjust the size of them so when you drop them on the puzzle board, they shrink. It was such a great site before Flash went away. Hopefully, it can be fixed.

cats:: BENA- i trashed flash player on my system. it took me awhile to find "acceleration". But when i open and click on play-html5- it does the same as before opens puzzle - flashing pieces then shows puzzle page with picture on right corner but no pieces.

Bariboy:: Treehugger Thanks for explaining the last symbol. Together - without assistance of bigpuzzle - we work it out how its works. But is share your hope fore a more userfriendly version of bigpuzzle.

treehugger:: Bariboy. The symbol with the arrow will return single unattached pieces in the puzzle space to the side bar containing the unused pieces. However hopefully this non user friendly interim? version will not be here long. Very disturbing that none of the feedback questions are returned or the welcome message doesn't even show they are working on it.

Bariboy:: @ Sam There a 5 symbols in the HTML version in the top left corner. Full screen, background color + and -, the fifth symbol with arrrow i don't understand yet. And the clock of course. Save button is gone, it is saved automatically. Make a bookmark in your webbrowser to open it again when you want to go on later. First the puzzle was gone overnight, but i tested it again from yesterday tot today, now was stil there on the point i stopped yesterday. reponing take some time, it is nog really fast this "new" site.

Bena:: Cats: with puzzles over 1000 it's happens to me too, lagging, and pieces in pocket disappearing, so i'm only doing puzzles with up to 500-700 pieces. Hopefully they working on quality of this site. They hit rock bottom so the only way is up, unless they died hitting the rocks, hope not

Bena:: CATS: please block flash player its not safe. On google go to Settings - Advanced - System - move circle to the right on "use acceleration when available. To be sure close your browser and open again. Hope this resolve your problems :)

cats:: BENA: Still cannot open puzzles - i have enabled flash abode. but still get webGL message- cannot find use hardware acceleration. I tried on google to ge big puzzles and i am okay it downloads flashing pieces and then a blank screen.

jane6564:: No Flash, no use for this site. HTML sucks.

Bena:: you can post here, so your password is working, but if you can't open any puzzles the make sure that "use hardware acceleration when available" is enabled in your browser settings, because HTML5 depends on it